Tour: Discovering Slovenian Alps
" Myself and 4 friends embarked on our 7 day 'Slovenian Alps'  biking trip with "Mountain BikeNomad" with no real expectation levels as we knew no-one that had biked in  Slovenia before us. We had booked the 7 day guided tour that started in the 'Crna' Mountain Bike Park and finished in 'Goriška Brda' (a beautiful wine region).

We were met by Anej, son of the legendary Dixi, at Ljubljana airport and we could tell immediately this was going to be a great week with plenty of banter during the 1 hour transfer to the Mountain bike park. We were then met by Dixi the founder of "Mountain Bike Nomad" and biking legend, who has been a guide in the Slovenian Alps for over 15 years. There was nothing that could phase the man, including when I snapped the Bike chain on a cold and wet afternoon. His response to this and most setbacks was "Ian, this is mountain biking!" as he repaired the bike chain within minutes.

Day 1 was very special and was both a novelty ride in the morning and an Biking assessment in the afternoon. It started with an unique and impressive cycle + tour guide in the local Mines here we rode deep into the Mines covering about 6km.
Followed in the afternoon by some excellent technical downhill which some of us gave a wide berth due to our inexperience. Now that the guide(s) had the measure of our technical ability and fitness levels the rest of the week was moulded around our abilities. Dixi had plenty of options up his sleeve which he also allowed us to choose our biking routes and departure times each following day.

The top 10 tour highlights for us 5 lads included:
1.The unique 'Mine' biking - where else in the
 world is this possible?
2.Homemade Elderflower and Raspberry juice at
  the Farm.
3.Crossing over and sleeping at the highest
  Mountain road pass in Slovenia (plus the 8km
  downhill in the morning).
4.Eating at 'Lake Bled' castle over looking the
   Emerald coloured lake.
5.The tranquil viewing of Lake Bohinj.
6.Two of us getting struck by lightening in a
   freak thunderstorm.
7.The Slovenian border control guys laughing at
   us after 'that' monster uphill climb.
8.The 'Soca Valley' Panoramic ride - unbelievable
9.The impromptu Soca Valley Reggae festival that
   Anej invited us to with his buddies -great times.
10.The final 5 course meal in the beautiful Goriška
   Brda Wine region as the sun set for the evening
   ...the perfect way to end the trip. 
   We strongly recommend this company to travel with
   and they have the flexibility and desire to adhere to
  your requirements." 

Thank you Dixi and Anej.        

                                            Ian Grealish 


First of all I like to thank you and your family for your wonderful hospitality and your professional service during all these days. I told all my friend about your beautiful farm and the great biking and I am sure we will try to come to visit you
next year.
                                           Alex Muhlbauer


I had a great time at your mtb park. Every thing was just perfect. Thanks a lot and I hope to come again soon.
                                             Ori Danieli

















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