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Single trail park Jamnica

Bike tours around us- trails for mountain biking in Geopark Karavanke

"At every corner, the stunning views are enough to force yet another breath-catching, moment-appreciating stop."

Seb Rogers– What Mountain Bike magazine

Different mountain valleys in this part, called the Geopark Karavanke, rise to high Alpine peaks. The nearby woodland holds unlimited possibilities for mountain bikers thanks to its intricate network of dirt roads and cart tracks, which is why Slovenia’s first mountain bike park was started there.

Circular routes - Traces of Wilderness

The routes escalate across one and sweep down across another valley. They are named after the locally significant animals:

The Hedgehog's circle, The Squirrel's circle, The Rabbit's circle, The Dog-fox's circle, The Roebuck's circle, The Marten's circle, The Lynx's circle, The Cock's circle, The Badger's circle, The Deer's circle, The Chamois's circle and The Bear's circle.

Črna na Koroškem, Mežica and Jamnica are the gateways to more than 350 km of cycling routes.

Around Mt. Peca

Marked tour around the last highest mountain in southern Alps Mt Peca ( 2.126 m).    Distance 52 km.  Total uphill 2.200 m.

Kundi’s Biking Routes

Starting in Prevalje, the waymarked routes lead to Leše, Šentanel, Dolga
Brda and Strojna. Some routes can be combined, so there are many different ways to explore the area with magnificent panoramic views of the mountains and valleys of Koroška.


Our mountain bike tracks are linked to the neighbouring cycling networks: in the south it borders to the Logarska Valley, westwards to Jezersko with its biking paths, and to the north are the Austrian South Carinthian biking paths.

There is a whole range of beautiful trails once used by shepherds, miners and foresters in the forests and mountains arround our region. You will only meet a solitary hunter on these old, mostly deserted paths. Hiking paths are the only ones that are more populated and tidy. There is a slight problem though – Slovenian legislation does not allow biking everywhere, so taking some of these trails could get you in a bit of trouble.

However, we provide free information about appropriate biking trails as well as GPS tracks of some trails to our guests. The best way to enjoy the best trails is however with the local guides on our guided tours.