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Single trail park Jamnica

Black Hole Trail - new underground enduro trail

Black Hole Trail is a mountain bike trail through abandoned tunnels of Lead and Zink Mine Mežica. Before the trail was built, a human has not set foot in these tunnels in over 25 years. The colossal chambers used to hold tonnes of lead which was mined in the past. The trail runs over five levels of the mine and descends a total of about 150 metres.

Black Hole Trail is designed to pose a challenge and offer an adventure to experienced mountain bikers. The trail is very technical. There are some nice and flowy sections where a rider can rest and enjoy views of the black chambers. If parts of the descent prove too challenging, it is easy to walk through them and jump back on the bike afterwards.

The trail is rated black: for advanced to expert riders (all mountain, enduro, downhill riders) and is not appropriate for beginner or intermediate level bikers.

Location: Podzemlje Pece d.o.o., Glančnik 8, 2392 Mežica Meeting time 8:45 am!