Information - Ekohotel Koroš***

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Information - Ekohotel Koroš***

Information - Ekohotel Koroš***

Kreatur d.o.o., Jamnica 10, 2391 Prevalje, VAT:SI68972636, IBAN:SI56024530263710007

Price list 2023

Important telephone numbers

Hotel: +386 2 870 30 60

Director Štrucl Dušan: +386 41 764 059

Anej Štrucl: + 386 40 833 738

Police: 113

Fire department/ambulance: 112

Emergency Clinic ambulanta Ravne na Koroškem: +386 2 870 52 78

Pharmacy Ravne na Koroškem: + 386 2 875 07 02

Information from A - Z

AActivities in regionSome information about other activities in our region can be found in this map or at our web page Nevertheless, you can always ask us if you have questions.
 Adapter, internationalInternational adapter is available upon request.
 Alarm surveillanceAlarm surveillance of room is placed in a bike garage.
 Allergens in foodList of allergens are places in a self-serviced bar in the ground floor of a hotel.
BBarSelf-serviced bar is places in common area in the ground floor of a hotel.
 Bed sheetsWe change bed sheets one per week.
 Beverages in roomWe have option of ordering beverages in your room. Service will be charged.
 Bike - info. spotBike info. Spot is located in the ground floor of hotel. You can find different info. There like: maps, brochures, Bike Holidays catalogue and newspaper, map with biking tours, approx. Biking tours schedule…
 Bike aprèsYou can order bike après in our hotel. Service will be charged.
 Bike garageBike garage is situated in front of main building of our hotel. It is under video and alarm surveillance. It is opened every day between 7.00 and 21.00 o’clock. 
 Bike lockerIf you need bike lock, please ask personnel.
 Bike repair cornerBike repair corner is located in bike garage. If you need help with minor repairs, please contact personnel.
 Bike washBike was space is located by bike garage in front of our hotel.
 BikesYou have an option to rent a bike or e-bike in our hotel. For more info. please ask personnel.
 BikingSome of info. You can find in this info. Map or at our web page Nevertheless, personnel are always around and is more than happy to answer all your questions.
 Book of complaints & complimentsBook of complaints & compliments is located in the ground floor of hotel.
 BreakfastSelf-serviced breakfast is available every day between 7.30 – 10.00 0’clock.
CCarYou can park your car on a parking place or upon staff directions.
 Charger, phoneWe have different phone chargers at your disposal at request.
 Check inCheck in in our hotel in high season is possible after 15.00 o’clock. For check in low season contact personnel.
 Check outCheck out in hight season is latest at 11.00h. Check out in low season is also possible after 11.00 o’clock. Please contact personnel. If you would like to do a bit more biking on your day of departure, we can store luggage for you and you have option to use wash room facilities by the swimming pool.  
 CleaningIn our hotel we perform daily cleaning of rooms and common areas.
 Credit cardsYou can use your credit card in our hotel.
 Custom bike info.You have an option if custom bike information in our hotel. Please contact personnel.
DDiet FoodWe prepare diet meals in our kitchen upon request.
 DinnerDinners can be ordered each day separately until 15.00 0’clock in a special spreadsheet located in a self-serviced bar in ground floor of hotel. We serve dinners at 19.00 o’clock.
 DogDogs are welcome in our hotel but we do have some rules that you can find in this info. map. or with our personnel.
 Drinking waterWe have drinking water in the whole hotel. If you are not certain, you have bottled water in our self-serviced bar in the ground floor of our hotel. Filing bottles or back pack tanks is also possible outside of a hotel on a designated spot.
 Drying bike clothesIn our hotel we have special room, in case of bed weather, to dry your bike clothes. Room is located in cellar. For directions contact personnel.
EEco farmOur hotel is situated on an eco-farm, that has eco certificate already since year 2000. More info on
 Ecological foodIn our hotel we tend to serve mostly ecological food. Some of it is self-produced, some we buy from neighbouring farms that also have eco certificate. More info you can find on
 Energy efficiency renewalBrochure about energy efficiency renewal you can find in this map or in our info spot in the ground floor of our hotel.
GGear, bikingIn our hotel you can rent bike gear (helmet, quick repair set….). For more information contact personnel.
 GPS TracksIf you need GPS tracks, please ask personnel.
 Guided toursMost of information about guided tours you can find on our webpage, nevertheless for info. also contact out personnel.
 Guides, bikeAll our bike guides are professionally licenced and certified. Additional information about our guides you can find on our web page or in our info corner in the lobby.
HHigh seasonHighs season in our hotel is from May – September.
 House regulationsYou can find house regulations in this info. map.
IInformationMost information you can find here in this info. map or at our web page Nevertheless, personnel are always around and is more than happy to answer all your questions.
 InternetInternet access is available all-around hotel and is password free.
 IroningIroning is possible at request.
LLanguageOur personnel speak at least one foreign language
 LaundryYou have an option to order laundry service in our hotel every day. Return of clothes is under agreement, if dropped of before 9.00am, we return it in 9 hours’ time. 
 Low seasonLow season in our hotel is from October – April.
 LuggageWe offer luggage transfer service to your room and back.
 Luggage storageIf you would like to do a bit more biking on your day of departure, we can store luggage for you and you have option to use wash room facilities by the swimming pool.
MMassagesAt request and prebooking, massages are possible.
NNatureLife of our hotel and personnel is sustainable. If you would like to know more visit our web page
OOpening hoursOpening hours of our hotel are from 6.00 – 22.00 o’clock.
PPen and notebookYou can find pen and notebook in this info. map.
 Personal hygiene access.You can ask for different personal hygiene accessories such as: tooth brush, tooth paste, disposable shaving accessories.  
 PhotocopyingPhotocopying and use of scanner is at your disposal in the ground floor of our hotel also with help of our personnel.
 PillowAdditional pillow is available at request.
QQuiltAdditional quilt is possible at request.
RRadioList of available radio channels is available in this info. map.
 Receptions servicesReception services are available 16 hour per day, between 6.00 and 22.00 0’clock. We do provide 24 hours availability over phone from the hotel.
 Rent a bikeYou have an option to rent a bike or e-bike in our hotel. For more info. please ask personnel.
 Rent a bike gearIn our hotel you can rent bike gear (helmet, quick repair set….). For more information ask personnel.
SSafeYou have central safe at your disposal at reception with a help of personnel. 
 SewingSewing kit is available at request. For minor repair we also offer sewing service.
 ShoesShoe cleaning accessories are available upon request.
 SlippersSlippers are at your disposal upon request. 
TTelephonePublic phone is available upon request.
 Telephone numbersIf you need important telephone number in one place, you can find them at info. corner in the ground floor of hotel.
 TelevisionList of available television programmes in your room is available in this info. map. For the list of available satelite television programmes in the club room please ask personal who will give you access to it.
 TowelsUpon request towels can be changed every day. Towles will be changed according to categorization of a hotel every 3rd day.
 TransfersWe offer free of charge transfer after 17.00 o’clock back from the valley to our hotel. All other transfers are available against payment.
UUmbrellaUmbrella is available upon request.
VVideo surveillanceFollowing rooms are under video surveillance: Bike garage, hotel lobby, cord yard of our hotel.
WWaking upWe offer services of waking up upon request.
 WasteYou can find info. about waste sorting in this info. Map. If you are not certain how to sort, please contact personnel.
 Wishes of our guestsIn our hotel wishes and questions of our guest are very important, please do not hesitate to contact personnel.
XXenofitXenofit products are available in the lobby against payment.
ZZero WasteOur hotel is following recommendations and trends of Zero Waste network of Slovenia. More at

About Ecohotel Koroš***

First written source for our farm goes back to year 1524 when farm Koroš was first mentioned also as a tavern. Back than people lived with nature and all surrounding solitary farms where self-supplied. Their self-sufficiency became our vision when we started to transform successful tourism farm to Ecohotel.

Today Ecohotel Koroš is small unique mountain biking hotel*** with ten rooms, small Camper Stop and glamping “Bike Bivak”.


For more than twenty years, the lifestyle and the activities of our family have been inseparably connected with our love of nature. Hotel owner Dixi was involved in nature preservation already in 1986, when he and his co-workers established the first Ecological Centre in Carinthia. At the time, ecologists were mostly considered to be naggers and dreamers that wanted to - more or less unsuccessfully - change the world. Nowadays, when ecology actually became an economic issue, our family can bring the ideas and visions from before to life in our ecohotel.”

Dušan Štrucl – Dixi director/company owner

  • Way of life
  • Energy efficient renewal
  • Ecologically produce food
  • Energy saving
  • Water saving
  • Zero Wase
  • We employ local people and we integrate community
  • We actively participate on development projects
  • We use manly local materials e.g., wood

The Koroš estate is a typical Carinthian mountain farm with its own forests, pastures, orchards and fields. Since 2000, the farm has been focused on the ecological production of food. We have obtained the relevant certificates. More than half of the food put on the table is produced on the farm or bought at neighbours. We produce wheats, herbs and vegetables. For field work with tractors and other machinery we work with neighbouring farms. With that we include them in development and distribution of income from tourism. The four seasons are reflected on our daily menu. Summer menus are adjusted to the food that grows in our garden and the winter table is rich with vegetables traditionally stored in our basement without any preservatives added. Jams and compotes are made from the fruits harvested in our orchards and forests. All animals (cow and chickens) are free range breed. Most of the food bought in local stores is produced in Slovenia.


Our main business is mountain biking and with that we believe in and are following next philosophy:




WATER: We get our water from a small spring located in a forest above our farm. Because we use water in tourism, for our animals and also sometimes for watering plants we have to handle it carefully.
- Our toilets have double flushing cistern and showers with temperature regulations
- We manly use ecological cleaners
- We use energy saving high pressure washer cleaner for bike wash
- We manly use rainwater for watering vegetables
ENERGY: Our small hydroelectric power plant, even though effective, does not work throughout the whole year and therefore can not suffice for all your needs. Energy should we used economically.
- all devices and machines are changed only when they are worn out or damaged with energy sufficient ones
- all light bulbs are A++ / LED
- water is heated with 2 heat pumps that convers energy for cooling down cellar spaces for storage
In winter time Ekohotel is heated with wood chips that are made from clearing our forest. All rooms have thermostatic valves
WASTE MANAGEMENT: One of the biggest problems at tourism places in rural areas are wastes and that is way one of our main concept and idea is– ZERO WASTE.
- We manly use reusable packages
- We separate waste!
- We compost organic waste


WATER: Save with water!
- During washings close tap.
- Take you showers fast – we do not have them for massages.
- Dry you towels and reuse them!
- Use appropriate key for the needed amount of water in toilets.
- Do not throw unappropriated waste in toilets.
- Over washing of clothes is vary polluting to nature.
- Wash your bike fast and effective.
- Use only environmentally friendly cleaning fluids.
- “Campers” – usage of bio not degradable chemicals is not allowed on Eco farm.
ENERGY: Save with energy!
- Turn of lights when not in the room!
- Save with hot water!
- Set heating temperature accordingly to outside temperature!
- Close windows when heated!
ZERO WASTE: Think about what you bring with yourself, useless package… waste!
- Drink tab water or out of reusable bottles!
- Do you know what amount of work and energy is put into food production – do not throw it away, take it less and repeatedly!
- When possible take your waste with you back to the valley!
Maybe all of the above is self-evident or not, in any case you can helps us with new or more efficient advices.
More at:

House rules

Dear guests,

Your holiday at BIKE BASE JAMNICA EKOHOTEL KOROŠ just started.

To make sure Your staying with us will be as pleasant as possible please comply with house regulations of our hotel:

  1. It is considered that you agree with house regulations and prices when you pick up your room keys or you use other hotel service.
  2. Opening hours and meal schedule:
    • Breakfast: 7:30 – 10:00 in high season or by agreement (low season)
    • Dinner: AT 19:00 – dinner can be ordered each day separately on the designated spreadsheet placed in self-serviced bar in the ground floor of hotel until 15:00h.

Meal cancellations: Dinner can be cancelled every day until 15:00.

At your request lunch packages can be prepared. They need to be booked 1 evening before. Meal cancelation must be submitted to personnel. Room service is not possible, except order of drinks. Menu and prices are places in self-serviced bar in ground floor of our hotel.

  • It is forbidden to bring in rooms flammable materials and other objects that could potentially represent danger to safety of our guests or to hotels assets. Smoking is forbidden.

Towels, blankets and other objects are not allowed to take out of the room without knowledge of personnel. For washing and ironing please ask our personnel.

You are kindly asked that before you leave your room, you close or semi-close windows, close water, turn of lights, turn of all devices, lock your door and leaves your key at the entry of your kitchen.

If you made any damage in our hotel, please go to reception for cost recovery.

Please be attentive to the ones that wish to rest between 13:30h – 16:00h and from 20:00h on. After 22:00h there must be complete silence on the floor. Please do not disturb other guests so set all devices to room volume.

Animals are not allowed in our hotel if we are not preliminary noted about it. All regulations about animals must be consistently followed.

  • Check out:

Check out is possible after 11:00h. Because we have small numbers of rooms and high occupancy in hight season, late check out is unfortunately not possible. If you wish to ride your bike after check out, we can provide you with luggage storage and wash room after biking.

All services can be paid with credit card.

House pets

Dogs are welcome in our hotel:

  • They can stay in your room when you are around.
  • They cannot stay in common rooms (all ground floor).
  • Isa (our dog) is here a “boss” and she will not be closed because of your dog.
  • When you go biking it is not allowed to lock your dog in your room. She/he can stay in our courtyard on the leash or she/he can stay in Isa’s house.
  • Supplement for animals in Ekohotel Koroš is 7€ per night.
  • Supplement for animals in Camper Van Stop Jamnica is 2€ per night.

Energy efficiency renewal

Information about energy renewal Ecohotel Koroš, co-financed with RS and EU from European Regional Development Fund, can be found here.

Waste sorting

In our Ecohotel Koroš*** we use following waste sorting system:

CansBeer cans, can from fizzy drinks, energy drinks cans, pate cans …
GlassBottles from different types of drinks, glasses from preserved foodstuff, perfumes and cosmetic bottles, broken glass package, different glass products…
PaperNewspapers, magazines, office paper, wrapping paper, paper shop bags, paper clothes labels, cosmetic cardboard packages, empty roll of toilet paper…
PlasticDisposable bottles: water bottles, fizzy drinks bottles… 
Other wasteAll waste that cannot be sorted in other bins.
Organic wasteFood leftovers, fruit and vegetables peels, …

Waste bin in your washrooms is intended for trash or waste that cannot be sorted in other .

In the waste bin that is placed in your room deposit all waste that cannot be placed in washroom bin or is not organic waste. It is desirable that you try to sort most of your waste in ecological islands places in different locations in Ecohotel Koroš. 

Ekohotela Koroš*** Certificates

List of TV programmes in your room

Name of TV ProgrammeNumber of TV Programme
Slo 1 HD1
Slo 2 HD2
Slo 3 HD3
Tele M4
Golica TV6
Nova 24 TV7