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Giving back to nature

Giving back to nature

Ever since our beginnings, we have been looking for ways to "give something back to nature". To reduce the impact of our activities, we behave responsibly in our everyday life and on our tours. Yet, we want to return something more directly to the environment, so for this year we have the following ideas:

1st IDEA:
On our farm, we can produce more hay than needed to feed our cattle. Therefore, we decided that, in cooperation with local hunters, we would make some available for wild animals in case of severe winters.

2nd IDEA:
Once a month, we will organize a guided tour on single tracks free of charge and teach the participants how to ride responsibly in nature.

3rd IDEA:
We will pay 4 € per each guest joining us on a guided tour, which is the cost of planting one tree. We will donate this money to the forestry authority to plant trees where necessary.