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Dušan Štrucl- Dixi: General manager / guide


Anej Štrucl: project manager / guide

Klara Vogrinec Štrucl

Suzana Fajmut Štrucl


Vid Peršak

Nejc Kotnik

Danilo Vrčkovnik - Ruda

Kaja Kos


Danilo Golob

All our guides are licenced guides with at least one of following licences:
Bike Guide 1 (Cycling Association of Slovenia, UCI)
Bike trainer 2 (Cycling Association of Slovenia, UCI)
Tour Bike Guide 1 (Hiking Association of Slovenia)
Tour Bike Guide 2 (Hiking Association of Slovenia)
CTC Leader and Instructor Courses (Great Britain)
EoMTBing (European Organisation of Mountain Bike Instructor-Guides)

After finishing official courses all the guides attended training at Bikenomad, assisting lead guides on tours to gain experience for independent high-quality guiding.

Štrucl Dušan - DIXI

Founder of Bikenomad. The visionary of the beginnings of mountain bike tourism in Slovenia. Since the beginning of his time his main passion was discovering the secrets of nature and therefore his knowledge of trails, tractor trails and forest roads is unlimited, not only in the region but through whole Slovenia and Croatia. As a Geographer he knows all bike destinations in Slovenia. All mountain is his main passion, but if there is no other way he will enjoy tarmac and gravel as well.

ANEJ Štrucl - Dixi JR

“Born in Bikenomad” and as a kid very passionate downhill rider. When he found out that bikes can go uphill as well he became probably the first professional mountain bike guide in Slovenia.
He studied and finished management in tourism, gain the first licence at CTC Leader Courses (GB) and finished all the Slovenian licences. Nowadays he is guides instructor for both Slovenian guiding schools and he is one of the founders and a board member of European Organisation of Mountain Bike Instructor-Guides (EoMTBing). He is also instructor for Train The Trainer courses at EoMTBing. His main passion is Enduro.

VID Peršak

He competes in Enduro World Series and is studying on the Faculty of Sports. Because he is from neighbour village, trails in Jamnica and surroundings are his range, therefore he can show you and teach you the best technic for safe, good and technically challenging mountain biking.