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Trailbuilding for Holidays

In year 2008 we bought the farm Koroš ... with it came new “playground” and question how to build the Trail Park...

We tryed 3 times to get support from EU Projects, with no success. Of course, our nature doesn`t allow us to give up! 

Therefore we build and maintain all the trails alone with support of local friends and in last years with new program “Trail Building for Holidays”,  with builders from all around ...


Most of the work on the trails was done by local heroes in their spare time and therefore we need to thanks:  Matevž Kert, Vid Peršak, Nejc Kotnik, Danilo Vrčkovnik - Ruda, Damjan Kalčič- Kalči, Štefan and Leon Smonkar,  Anže Večko, Viki Germadnik,  Matej Šteharnik, Jošt Šteharnik and others.

Many thans also to the trailbuiders who give their holidays for the trails:
Harald Gschwandtner (Austria), Peter Magyari ( Hungary), Bernhard Witschi (Switzeland), Matej Babič ( Slovenia ), Liam White (Scotland), Lutz Dobrowohl ( Germany), Marek Chabros ( Poland), Calumn Mcbain (Scotland), Calumn Orr (Scotland ), Harry Plant ( United Kingdom ), Andrej Remškar (Slovenia),  Anja Širca (Slovenia),  Reuben Simmons  (Australia)


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