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Energy-efficient renovation

Energy-efficient renovation

Designing a project for the complete renovation and energy efficiency of the Ecohotel Koroš

The current building is energy inefficient and wasteful because it was built without insulation with inadequate windows and doors, the roof and roofing are not insulated, so it is necessary to install adequate insulation and replace windows and doors with energy efficient ones. The glass guest pavilion should be combined with the main building, as this will provide additional heated and energy efficient common guest spaces while protecting the west wall of the main building from the constant winds that are now cooling the common guest spaces. The bathrooms have inefficient equipment installed, single flushing kettles consume too much water, while in the shower, guests consume water while waiting for the right temperature, and since the water consumption is too high, we have had to supply water to the tanks in the past years. After years of partial solutions, the renovation and energy rehabilitation of the building have been completely holistic, so we need the whole project, which will be implemented in phases.

1. Reducing consumption of drinking and sanitary water

Because of our own supplies of drinking water and increasing number of guests, we have to be very responsible with water usage in dry seasons. This is how we will try to make it better:

  • Replacement of water kettles - installation of double kettle
  • Thermostatic batteries in guest bathrooms
  • Rainwater use - installation of reservoirs

2. Renovation of individual elements and external building envelope
First stage of renovation involves:

  • Replacement of old windows and door that are energy insufficient
  • Moving appropriate newer windows to the level of the facade
  • Isolation of cellar
  • Creating energy sufficient wooden facade

3. Replacement of and old heating device with a new one that runs on renewable energy sources

We do already have heating device that is run with wooden chips but is more than 10 years old, energy insufficient and is constantly under breakdown. It needs to be replaced with new one, also run on wooden chips that we get out of our forest.

  • 3.1. Replacement of heating device
  • 3.2. Installation of new hardware and electronic equipment
  • 3.3. Installation of a suitable heat storage tank

4. Information and communication

All “technical means” that we are applying with renovation will not meat its goals if our guests are not informed about it. Here are some activities (web page, brochures etc.) that will make this happen. Their content is as follows:

  • 4.1. Saving with water
  • 4.2. Saving with energy
  • 4.3. Waste management - Zero Waste

5. Project documentation

Investment is co-financed with RS and EU from European Regional Development Fund

More about operations in RS and EU you can find here

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