The first MOUNTAIN BIKE HOTEL, established in Slovenia in 1995, was run by our family that has lived and breathed mountain biking for more than twenty years. 
Even though we established the MOUNTAIN BIKE PARK, also the first in Slovenia, we never stopped discovering new places for biking.

We have spent plenty of time with local guides to carefully plan our tours. We also pride ourselves with the vast choice of partner accommodations we use to provide unique experience nearer to the nature and closer to locals and their culture. In all the years we have met lots of people with passion for mountain biking. We have also participated in the development of the training of mountain bike guides, making sure that those working with us are among the best in Slovenia.

Today, we have an active travel company called BIKE NOMAD, which offers mountain biking tours around Slovenia and...

We bought a beautiful organic farm called Koroš a few years back and converted it into a small unique Eco-hotel, specialized in mountain biking. Our lives have been changed totally through the everyday connection to the nature, production of organic food for ourselves and our guests, while mountain biking clearly left a huge mark on our lifestyle.

The great location of our farm, surrounded by forests and pastures, and good relations with the neighbouring farms have given us the opportunity to build our own single trail park



Včerajšnja delovna akcija zelo uspešna. Hvala vsem ki ste se nam pridružili. Nov trail nastaja in smo ga danes že malo podaljšali, jutri pa naprej. / Trail building in Jamnica is continuing and new trail is getting its shape. More soon. #singletrailparkjamnica, #mountainbikenomad, #trailbuilding, #epictrails, #havingfun
V Single Trail Parku Jamnica nadaljujemo z urejanjem novih trailov. Delovne akcije bodo ta četrtek 23.3. (16.00-18.00), v soboto 25.3. (10.00- 13.00). Če si želite več novih in boljsih trailov vas vabimo da nam pri tem pomagate. Mošt zagotovljen. Pozdrav iz Jamnice
Po sončnem in delovno zelo uspešnem vikendu je Single Trail Park Jamnica sčiščen in odprt. Seveda smo vse potke tudi preizkusili. Vabljeni! / After sunny and very succesfull weekend Single Trail Park Jamnica is now cleand and open. All the trails have of course been tested as well. Welcome! Posebne zahvale /special thanks zelo delovni ekipi: Vid Peršak Nejc Kotnik Matevž Kert Primož Rožej Grega Potočnik Lovro Potočnik Damjan Kalčič- Kalci Jernej Kert in tudi našim sponsorjem za pomoč in podporo #iamspecialized, #factorystore, #osprey, #fiveten,

WEBCAM: View from Mt. Peca to Jamnica




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