With its renewed offer, Tourist Farm Koroš is developing into a smaller ecohotel with ten rooms to select from. It houses our new centre for mountain biking and other adventures that take place in the surrounding forests and mountains. Guided tours, theme excursions, activities and entertainment are organized. In addition to providing comfortable accommodation, we also offer a variety of home-grown organic food.


For more than twenty years, the lifestyle and the activities of our family have been inseparably connected with our love of nature. Hotel owner Dixi was involved in nature preservation already in 1986, when he and his co-workers established the first Ecological Centre in Carinthia. At the time, ecologists were mostly considered to be naggers and dreamers that wanted to - more or less unsuccessfully - change the world. Nowadays, when ecology actually became an economic issue, our family can bring the ideas and visions from before to life in our ecohotel.

1. Way of life
In 2008, our family moved to an ecological tourist farm, which changed our lives significantly. Connection with nature became part of our everyday life. Tourism is our basic activity, thus we decided - based on our experience and lifestyle - to establish an ecohotel on the farm. In this way, we easily incorporated ecology in the way of being and the activities of our guests. Moreover, our bike tours are designed to have minimum impact on the environment while at the same time they have an educational note.

2. Organic food
Since 2000, the farm has been focused on the ecological production of food. We have obtained the relevant certificates. More than half of the food put on the table is produced on the farm. The rest of the ingredients, which are purchased, also have the adequate eco- and bio-certificates. The four seasons are reflected on our daily menu. Summer menus are adjusted to the food that grows in our garden and the winter table is rich with vegetables traditionally stored in our basement without any preservatives added. Jams and compotes are made from the fruits harvested in our orchards and forests.

3. Energy
We have a small hydroelectric power station that covers all our needs for electricity. We use biomass from our forests for heating. Sanitary water heating with a heat pump.  We save up on energy!

4. We separate waste!

5. We use mainly local (e.g. wood from our forests) and ecologically tested  materials (e.g. cleaning aids).

6. We consciously employ local inhabitants, mostly from the neighbouring farms.

7. We actively participate in the community development projects.
The future:
Of course, not everything is ecologically perfect yet.
We designed a development project, which is implemented following these steps:
- gradual replacement of the equipment and machinery
  with more environmentally friendly one,
- better thermal insulation of the building,
- photovoltaic modules,
- biological sewage treatment plant.



- self produced organic food

- our own hydroelectric power station

- biomass from our forests for heating








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